Don’t Give Up On Us

It can be hard to remain positive with too much destruction and let’s face it, madness in the world. 
There are times when it’s challenging to even exist. Who knew humanity would stray so far away from itself that to find a genuine connection with a person is rare nowadays. The things that should be so important isn’t. So much devastation everywhere it’s no wonder so many people are anxious and depressed we have so much to be depressed about and the truth is our future is uncertain. It is. To think otherwise is choosing not to see reality. 

This isn’t a morbid post, actually far from it. I just wanted to share how easy it is to be fixated on the negativity happening in the world instead of being focused on what we can do and though it feels overwhelming like we’re not doing enough or not enough people actually give a shit that doesn’t mean we give in. Every bit counts and though it’s easy to turn on social media and read the comments on a post that matters and be disappointed in seeing how many people who just don’t get it or show no compassion, it’s easy to feel hopeless but remember the whole world isn’t on social media. 

I feel like this often but I’m not going to give up. I won’t give up on the fire I feel inside and how much I care because it seems like the majority of people don’t. 

Why we need artists and activists to keep pushing the boundaries putting both beauty and care in the world. To keep us inspired and hopeful that fuck yeah we’re not going to give up or go down trying we have too much to live for. 

People are disconnected because they’re scared. Some are numb or act irresponsibly but that’s still fear. When faced with fear the human spirit acts on what it knows how to express and survive whether it’s loving and compassionate or harmful and hurtful. People disconnect because it’s a survival mechanism and living in survival mode keeps a person reactive not making clear choices. I’m not making excuses for the arseholes out there I’m merely explaining why humanity is lost. 

Lost in fear. When fearful we disconnect from our bodies and not wanting to feel the full capacity of what’s happening inside. It’s too much to take. So we become self absorbed and not the good kind the destructive kind. We don’t feel compassion for another living being we only care about the pain we feel inside and how to manage it each day, 

Keeping this in mind, if we choose to act on compassion knowing people are scared, lost in fear and confusion just not seeing clearly, we can make a difference that way by choosing to relate with kindness to those that you can feel are just needing some understanding. 

Now I’m not saying to be compassionate to arseholes, yeah sorry no, we’re not fuckimg doormats but I’m thinking about more your neighbour that’s afraid to say hello or the woman at the shops that serves you who just won’t smile if we reached out to those with a softer approach that shit will make a difference, 
We can’t give up on each other and yeah it’s takes the stronger ones to do this but we’re here for a reason and I believe it’s because we are the stronger ones some have forgotten, I never will. 
I’ll do what I can I always have and I always will, Not giving up on any of you because I get the fear but I’m going to channel that to try and make a difference and put my heart out there especially when it’s hurting because it reminds me to never give up. I thrive better in darkness I always have 🙂 
Speaking of darkness and making a difference I would love any women who hasn’t connected here (link below) this is me creating my difference. To join me here on my other Facebook page, She of the Wild just click here to love and join – She of the Wild
The women I’ve made connection here give me so much hope reminds me how amazing and strong women are and that yes I’m not alone in wanting to create change xxx

Wildly Unearthed – Into the Deep

It’s been an amazing walk to say the least, and finally reclaiming some structure with everything that’s pouring through. A new direction for my art, well kinda, it’s deepened again.

Every person that has been kind of enough to support my work for years knows my love and dedication to the planet we live on and my love and work with women and children. Through all the self exploration I have done and experienced including my experience with the earth, the Mystery/the spirit world it’s finally taken me here to share it with all of you and take women to a deeper travel within than what they have experienced before to liberate and express the oppressed parts of woman. It’s time.

I don’t want to share too much yet as right now I’m still creating, weaving and it’s not finalised to share just yet with the world, it needs to cook a bit more in the darkness 😉 but I’m looking forward to sharing it with the world when it’s completed.

My artwork is being taken deeper and a different style of creation is coming through and it’s not for everyone but I’m hoping people will challenge the box life seems to be in for most nowadays and allow it to confront parts of who they are that are in need of liberation.

I would also like to invite you to share this space to with me if you’re a woman or a man that fully supports women’s liberation to be all she chooses to be, to come here and walk with us too. My other Facebook page She of the Wild. Just click here to come over and like the page – She of the Wild 

And finally I’ve shared a brief video on my facebook page Unearthed of an intuitive quick painting connecting to Mother Earth. I encourage you to view that also.

Look forward to sharing more soon. Nice to be back in the art flow. xxx



The Waiting Game – Birth

Resting. Creativity has been creating new work not in the way of clay and paint but more of writing, websites and organisation. Holding this energy for a good two or three months now is exhausting. Absolutely feels like gestation and eager to birth just to release the energy. 


Then the hard work comes. The hard work of keeping the creative pursuit I thought. Then I thought what’s the stress when you live your work, it’s my way of life it’s more of integrating my life and with others, sharing it. It’s just communication at the end of the day like any relationship – feed it, nurture it, grow it. Feeling into the new relationship. Easy. 

I have to say I am missing the green something terrible, my art and study. Soil ecology floats my boat and I am missing plants and worms and if you can’t understand why you need to get into the dirt more. 

So I’m writing this from my bed with one hand because I fucked my shoulder up and need to rest. Really tired but my eyes don’t want to close. 

Bring on the birth the anticipation won’t let me sleep. A gibberish post but I’m sure you can grasp how I’m feeling and why I just need to move the energy. 


The Mystery

Let me lavish you with fire and darkness beloved woman

And the dust of the bones that you once were

So you can always remember the strength of you


I will stroke your hair with the stillness of my knowing

And breathe passion into what you thought was lifeless

When you are lost in the stagnation of what you are growing to become


I will mend you with the wisdom that I am

And let you rest in the chaos of my unconditional heart

For I am never still

Nor am I always calm

But I am always love


This you know when you surrender

To the woman that you are and

Return back to me..

-the Mystery

Written by Astara Lak’ech ©


Thought this poem would be a fitting description to what I’m feeling now. Right smack bang in the middle of profound change complaints.  Floating in the Mystery feeling very calm with the knowing I will be resting into something that is permanently fluid and and completely rooted in that fluidity. There is so much freedom to that. A certainty of uncertainty with no fear.

Photographed sourced from Pinterest, photographer unknown.